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Life is a journey filled with opportunities, talents, abilities and resources, uniquely designed for each of us to make our way. However, many of us have strayed from the path of life, misusing these gifts and abilities, and instead, have created a journey leading to death. We may find ourselves wondering why we're losing time, skills, and resources, struggling to make sense of it all. It's important to remember that we are meant to thrive and live life abundantly, and there are laws in place to ensure we can do just that. Unfortunately, many of us are trapped in survival mode and have lost our way.

With a Mental Investment, it's never too late to reclaim your gifts, skills, and resources and invest in life. We're here to provide an opportunity for you to make a commitment, atonement, or realign your life. We want to help you invest in your mental wellbeing by utilizing your abilities, talents, and skills towards life, not death. Don't get caught up in the cycle of doing things just because it's what everyone else is doing or because you think it's what you should do. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and invest in your life today.



Transform My Finances is a comprehensive financial literacy program that covers everything from the universal system of prosperity and success to the true definitions of commonly misused financial terms. It provides insights to manage finances with intention and purpose, transforming financial understanding and putting financial intentions into action.



This financial program aims to help learners understand finances and economics from a creator's perspective, including intangible currency, getting out of debt, and discovering what is valuable in life. It goes beyond just money and can transform lives by removing misconceptions about finances.

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The Mental Edge explains the basics of mental health to help you get an edge on life and the mind games. The Mental Edge is designed for those who would like simple strategies to start implementing in their life to start improving their mental health. 



Dr. Anthony Rhodman is a mental peak performance expert and life psychologist who specializes in mental health and wellness, performance and behaviors, leadership and culture, economics and finance, success and business, family and management, and life and spirituality. Dr. Rhodman is the expert on the secrets to perfect and predictable success, and he applies these secrets in a variety of trades and industries to help people remove the misconceptions about their true capabilities. Dr. Rhodman reminds everyone what they already know — that all success in life is predicated by their inward programming and thoughts of themselves through their psychological make-up and  belief systems. He instills in all through his distinctive teachings how to be mastered by nothing and become a master over everything. Dr. Rhodman shares ancient hidden truths and the keys that will unlock the doors to the universal system of prosperity and success within his books, services, trainings, online courses, and speaking engagements.

Dr. Rhodman has helped countless clients by using divinely-inspired techniques that improved their performance and behaviors in their industries. He has consulted and provided personal growth strategies for both companies and individuals. His clients consist of families, professional athletes, models, business executives, insurance professionals, financial investors, health and wellness companies, recording artists, legal firms, and many more.

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